Account Executive Salary UK

Account Executive Salary UK

The account Executive is responsible for finding business opportunities and managing customer relationships. The Account Executive also has the duty of preserving and maintaining the customer base of the organization. Account Executive is an integral position of the Sales department and he/she communicates with clients and prospects. Moreover, the account executive understands individual needs and recommends products and services that maximize value. Being an account executive, you also assist in making sales strategies and practices. The roles of account executive are following

  • Collaborating with clients to understand and satisfy their needs
  • Compilation and analyzing the data to find the latest trends
  • Presenting campaign ideas and cost analysis to the clients
  • Keeping in touch with the clients during the project
  • Maintenance of database of contact information
  • Collaboration with other executives to discuss client’s project goals, progress, and solutions
  • Designing budgets and timelines for the clients and the organization
  • Negotiating agreements and maintaining database and record of sales and data

Account Executive is a very crucial role and it provides many opportunities throughout the UK. Because of the nature of the job, it’s quite hard to find part-time job. Usually, organizations offer full-time jobs for this position but there can be exceptions.

Average Account Executive salary in United Kingdom

The average salary of an Account Executive in the United Kingdom is £32,219/yr. The sample of three different websites is shared below for references.

According to,,  and the average salary of an Account Executive is £30,500/yr, £34,658, and £31,500 respectively.

+It is clear from the above information that Account Executive salary has a big range, starting from £23,000 to £60,000. It can be induced from the range that many variables play a role in determining the pay that a person can earn. These averages help determine your estimated earnings in a year but these are not actual representation of your annual income.


Variables that determine pay scale of Account Executive in United Kingdom

The pay that an organization offers an employee depends upon many variables, some of them are discussed below

  1. Job Experience: The pay that you get for an Account Executive role or any role depends upon your prior experience. If an individual is a fresh graduate then his pay scale would be less as compared to a person working for 2 years or more as an Account Executive.


  1. Job timings: If you are working full time the pay-scale would be more as compared to part-time (flexible hours advantage).


  1. Geographical location: The geographical location of your posting also affects the pay scale. If you are working in a metropolitan city i.e. London, you are likely to get paid more.


Skills, Qualification and Career Development

  • Good computer skills, especially in MS Office and CRM software
  • Excellent verbal, writing, and other communication skills
  • Good insight into market research and sales
  • BA/BS in business administration, marketing, sales, or other relevant fields
  • Comprehensive knowledge of trends of industry and potential of the organization
  • Strong skills in time management and multitasking


The future of Account Executive has bright career advancements. A person can progress into a Sales Manager role. People can also move a step ahead in their career by advancing into Senior Sales Manager, Sales Director, and Senior Sales Director.



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“Account Executive Salary UK”

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