Are pets a good idea in the workplace?

are pets a good idea in the workplace


Many people throughout the world own a pet and it has been suggested that dogs are considered to be the most popular choices of pets. However, they are said to be very ‘time consuming’. It can sometimes become difficult to leave the house in the morning, if you have a dog – due to them becoming distressed. So what if you took your dog into work with you? So this is why we have decided to write an article on “are pets a good idea in the workplace”

There are various studies that suggest that taking your dog into work with you, is actually a great idea, and is also becoming increasingly popular. A BBC article, from 2012 stated: “Taking dogs to work reduces employee stress”. Managers have notice that employees seem more relaxed, and have become creative and enthusiastic.

A staff member said: “I loved taking my dog into work. It made my day enjoyable and exciting. I enjoyed taking him for a walk on my lunch break, it was refreshing”.

But is this really practical? Is it actually professional?

Although there are many dog lovers all around the UK.  There are also just as many people with allergies to these animals. There are many cases, where employees have bought their pets into work and it has directly affected others. This has been anything from allergic reactions – to staff members becoming distracted, or even uncomfortable within their workplace

Is it fair on staff members to bring a dog into work? Does it really reduce stress levels and boost staff morale?

Carole Wilks, director of Journey Recruitment says: “We recently had Freddie, a gorgeous labradoodle in the office with us for two days. We all absolutely loved it! He went for a long walk at lunchtime and was so well behaved we actually forgot he was with us at times. I think it depends on your workplace, your work culture and whether or not it is actually practical for you to have your pet at work.”


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