Changes to Paternity Leave in 2024

As we celebrate Father’s Day, we at Journey Recruitment thought it might be helpful to update fathers about the key changes to paternity leave in 2024. 

Changes to Paternity Leave in 2024

  • Changes have been made as of March to allow fathers and partners to take their paternity leave in 2 separate blocks of one week.  The total amount of leave remains at 2 weeks and there are hopes that this will increase in the future!
  • Changes to the amount of notice that must be given before leave is taken also ensures that it’s easier for fathers and their partners to spend time with their new family member at short notice.
  • Fathers and partners will also be able to attend 2 pregnancy-related or adoption appointments. These can include attending pregnancy appointments with a surrogate.
  • Fathers/partners can also take advantage of shared parental leave, which lets parents split 37 weeks’ paid leave between them.

ACAS has lots of information about parental leave and is a great reference point for anyone wanting further information about paternity leave.

To those of you who are welcoming new additions to their families, congratulations. 

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