Consequences of Hiring the Wrong Person

Consequences of Hiring the Wrong Person

Successful businesses understand the importance of hiring the right candidate. Despite spending time, money and energy on finding the most suitable candidate. Mistakes can be made and they can cost the company heavily sometimes. The consequences of hiring a wrong person mean increased costs to replace her or him. A higher turnover rate, disrupted company culture, reduction in productivity and potential loss of revenues. Making the right hiring decision is important for the company’s success. Nobody wants to intentionally hire the wrong person for the job. It is hence advisable to hire recruitment agencies for a hassle-free and cheaper process for hiring the right candidate. Here are some potential consequences of hiring the wrong candidate-

Financial Cost

The company incurs expenses on the interview process, hiring and then providing training to every new hire. They are wasted if the employee is not right for the job. The salary provided to the bad employee and a second recruitment process can cost a company heavily especially if it is a small company. The process of writing job descriptions, advertising vacancies, accepting and reading resumes, conducting interviews incur costs and energy that can be better used by a company.

It can affect employee morale.

A candidate can be a bad hire if they bring negativity in the workplace and affect other employees. If this happens, it shall negatively impact their whole department. The bad hire can lead to internal disruption and unrest among employees.

Negative reviews.

Often when someone is interested in working for a company. It is regular that they look up the company and read reviews written by current and ex-employees. If an individual was hired and let go soon because of their inability or wrong attitude, they may leave a bad review of the company which may have long term consequences on the company’s reputation.

Increase in workload for other staff members.

If an employee is a bad hire because they are incompetent or lazy, their defects will affect other employees. The other members of the team will have to do more work and incur long hours because of their incompetent colleague.

Increased workplace stress.

Managers and department heads are often under pressure to meet deadlines and targets while managing a whole team of capable employees. A bad employee will add to the stress of the manager and affect the team’s productivity.

Reduced credibility.

If the bad hire has dealt with clients in an inefficient way. It can damage the company’s relationship with clients and incur reputation loss in the market.

Legal issues.

If a bad hire turns out to be a criminal who has engaged in criminal activities using the company’s resources, it can lead to an expensive and public legal battle.

It is often difficult to accept mistakes in a corporate setting. A manager may realise the candidate is not a good fit for the company but may still work and spend company resources in training them instead of firing them. There is always a chance that the employee when properly motivated can perform better but it is a minuscule chance and hence it is always better to let go a candidate if they do not fit your company instead of taking the risk of increased costs of the bad hire.

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“Consequences of Hiring the Wrong Person”

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