CV advice for uni students

CV advice for uni students

Its that time of year again when students are starting university.

Start thinking about your CV for when you leave as there will be competition for jobs upon leaving and you will want your CV to stand out from the crowd. You need to give yourself the best chance and it is never too soon to think about this!

At Journey Recruitment we believe the more work experience you have the better and so our advice is, if you can, get a part-time job whilst at university. Any work experience is good experience and it shows to prospective employers that you have gained some useful experience and you are not afraid of hard work. Any work is relevant and demonstrates your ability and willingness to work. This is why we have decided to write a short article about CV advice for uni students.

Activities as a member of clubs and social groups inside and outside of university. They are a great idea to demonstrate your organisational, team and communication skills. Extra-curricular activities are so important to show on your CV. You may have been part of an academic club for example or written for a student newspaper or organised a university event?

Also think about your hobbies and personal interests whilst at university and if these match with the field of work or the industry you will be looking to apply for, then this could give you an advantage. For example if you are studying sociology, then any form of voluntary social work whilst at university would be advantageous.

Do get involved in any special projects whilst at university as sometimes projects can be a great replacement for work experience. Within the body of your CV, you should describe your assignment, your specific role and the achievements of the project. If you have gained any publicity for the project or research, then make sure to include a link.

And finally, focus on all your achievements on your CV and do highlight personal achievements. Did you run a marathon for charity for example or climb a mountain?

Give yourself the best chance to stand out in todays competitive workplace.


Good luck.

Journey Recruitment hopes you have a great day. 

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