Don’t Worry Be Happy

” Don’t worry be happy “

I just want to say, to everyone, please.. try to worry less and smile more! 


Nothing is more important than feeling happy and content, in all aspects of life. This is important in many ways: for those closest to us, for the new people we meet but most importantly for ourselves.

I mean, we all have good days, busy days, sad days and every other possible emotion day’s but…

A good relationship with yourself and a good acceptance of who you are and what you do is one of the things that so many of us struggle the most with, so how do we change this?

How do we improve our self-esteem in a practical way?

Create Motivation Habits

Write down the goals and achievements you want to gain and prioritise them in the order that’s most important to you and remember, tackle them one at a time. It’s such a simple but really powerful way to motivate yourself and honestly it works. It clears your mind and gives you a sense of organisation. It can be anything, for example – saving money, getting fit and healthy, honestly anything!

Focus on doing the things YOU want to do

When you really like doing something, the motivation to do it comes automatically right? So if you really want something in life.. there is NOTHING stopping you. If you lose your motivation, ask yourself: “Am I doing what I really want to do?”

Have a moment to yourself – at least once a day

This is again a simple but effective habit to create. For just five minutes a day (at least), Give yourself 5 minutes to reflect, in silence or whilst listening to music, whatever relaxes you.  Ask yourself… what has happened today that has made me smile?

  • Maybe something someone said to you? – Take a moment, message them and thank them.
  • Maybe something you read? – Share it on social media and make someone else’s day.

These things really don’t have to be big things, but they really help to turn a negative mood around and bring back positive energy… always share your positive energy because you have no idea how many of your friends and family or even strangers may just need that little “pick me up”

Always do what you feel is the right thing

When you do what you truly feel is the right thing to do, you absolutely strengthen your self-esteem. It may be the smallest things, like dragging yourself to the gym when all your mind is telling you to do is crash out on the sofa and order a takeaway, or it could be to be listen and advise someone instead of instantly being judgemental in a situation. It’s not always easy to know what the right thing is, but its easy to react in a way in which you won’t regret and instead react in a way in which you almost feel “proud” of yourself for. This will make a huge difference in the way in which you view yourself.

Handle your mistakes and slip ups in a more positive way

Things happen, it’s ok! If you try to achieve anything that is truly meaningful to you, then you will stumble and fall along the way but seriously, that is ok. In fact, it’s completely normal. It’s human nature. Own up and apologise, learn from them and you’ll hopefully never make the same mistake twice.

Be kinder towards other people

You never truly know what someone is going through, and you have no idea what one kind compliment could mean to someone. If you like someone’s hair then tell them, you like someone’s jumper, again, tell them. The more positive energy you give out to people, the more you will receive. So, focus on being kind in your daily life and this will really help build your self-esteem.

My favourite one… Spend more time with the people that support you

You must spend less time with the people around who are unkind or unsupportive of you and your choices, and make sure you spend more time with positive and uplifting people who only want the best for you. No matter how you look or what you wear, your friends and family will love you all the same because you are you, and you are who they love. Think about the people around you that you love the most, would you care what they looked like or what they wore? No – you love them, for them and when you really think about that, it’s actually such a comforting thought.

Why is building and being able to maintain high self-esteem so important?

Life is so much more enjoyable…

When you like yourself and who you are, everything is just so much more enjoyable. You won’t wake up feeling “urgh”, you won’t stress over the littlest of things, you won’t worry about the bit of hair that’s out of place or at the fact your shoes don’t match your outfit, you will just take each day in your stride and accept you for you – messy hair, miss-matched shoes and all!

You will have more self-stability…

When your opinion of yourself goes up you’ll stop comparing yourself to others and recognise you are your own person and a fantastic one at that. You will stop worrying about what people may think or what they may say about you and focus more on enhancing your life.

Less self-sabotage…

It’s said that most people’s worst enemies are themselves, which is really sad. By keeping your self-esteem up, you will always push yourself and you will feel much more deserving of the good things in life. When you achieve great things, you will truly believe you deserve them… and you do!

My favourite one, you will be happier…

Happier with your personal life, happy with your professional life and happier with those closest to you, that’s what life is all about right? Your friends? Your family? Your happiness? And creating those all-important amazing memories.

Honestly, always doing and remembering these simple things and keeping these powerful reasons in your mind i find, really helps and i really do hope it can do the same for you.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

Written by Georgia Saddington, Journey Recruitment, Office Manager


Good luck.

Journey Recruitment hopes you have a great day. 

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