Finance Manager Salary UK

Finance Manager Salaries in the UK

The average finance manager salary in the UK by location is as follows-

  • London: £64,600
  • Scotland: £49,600
  • Wales: £45,000
  • Yorkshire: £45,600

The finance market in the UK lacks a sufficient number of qualified professionals and hence there has been a strong demand in the hiring market for financial managers. Finance managers should dedicate themselves to improving their skills in data management and data analysis for better employment prospects. Finance managers should consider agile and forward-looking strategies to keep pace with the industry and its trends. Many businesses are facing pressure to adapt their processes to industry standards and managers can increase their value by evolving their skills to complement the rise in automation and digitization in the industry. Currently, employers have shifted towards hiring cultural and skilled managers. A successful finance manager must have good communications skills and are good at collaboration and problem solving. This is a trait that is very sought after by employers.

Salary Opportunities

The average finance manager salary in the UK ranges from £26k to £88k. Finance manager salaries currently are higher than average in London and Reading. A lack of qualified and experienced professionals in the industry is leading to employers that are willing to pay higher salaries for employees that have ample skills and experience as finance managers. Finance professionals that have worked on commercial projects are currently in demand from the charities sector. An entry-level finance manager with no experience can expect to earn an all-inclusive salary of £30k on average.

Finance Managers Job Description

Finance managers develop and monitor the company or the department’s budget. The role of a finance manager is to make financial forecasts and work with other managers and staff to establish the company’s budgets. Keeping track of the company’s expenses. Finance managers are responsible for verifying and reporting the various departmental expenses. They conduct performance evaluations and manage their departmental staff. It is important for a finance manager to have supervisory experience. Finance managers are required to have leadership skills, interpersonal skills, excellent spoken and written communications skills and team-building skills. They are often required to make presentations and lead meetings. A degree in finance is a necessity to work in this position. They are required to have strong analytical skills and need to be proficient with Microsoft Office and computer systems.

Necessary Skills for a Finance Manager

  • Business Strategy
  • Performance Management
  • Project Management
  • Financial Modelling
  • Business Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Analysis
  • People Management
  • Forecasting

Cities in the United Kingdom listed in accordance to the average Finance Manager salary paid-

  • Reading
  • London
  • Slough
  • Brighton
  • Chelmsford
  • Birmingham
  • Bournemouth
  • Cardiff

Finance Managers in the UK often observe an increment of 14 per cent every 16 months. A finance manager’s position is considered a bonus based job that involves direct revenue generation. Often finance managers are paid performance bonuses based on an exceptional performance. Being paid goal-based bonuses on achieving targets. Holiday bonuses are provided by most companies.


“Finance Manager Salary UK”

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