How to Engage People Better at Work

How to Engage People Better at Work

  • Engaging your staff is not an easy task, engagement is a powerful word but it is difficult to understand and implement.
  • It is all about understanding what people want in their lives. If people are interested in their work, they will automatically and effortlessly be engaged in their work.
  • Every leader or manager can create a work environment that engages employees in the methods we shall discuss. These are the things that can be controlled by you regardless of your industry or company culture.

People want meaning in their lives.

People want to be a part of something useful, valuable and bigger than themselves. Help people see the difference they make in the lives of others. Make the mission of the organisation clear to your workers and see how they fit into your company’s purpose. Help your employees see why the work they do is important. Let people know what is expected of them and what character traits are valued. When people know how to behave and what to do, they have less stress with regards to their work and higher productivity. Tell your team members of your expectations for them. Discuss and clarify the work they need to do.

Targets help to engage employees.

Competitions can be good for engagement. Create goals for your employees to engage them. The work may be creative, mundane or repetitive but if employees have goals, achieving them will increase their satisfaction and a healthy workplace competition can be fun. Provide your employees with clear targets to achieve.

Promote healthy professional relationships.

When employees enjoy working with their co-workers, they will be more engaged in their work. Have a working environment that allows and promotes strong working relationships. Form connections with your employees.

Get Input from your employees.

Employees have a valuable perspective into the functioning of the organisation they work for. They have ideas and providing them a platform to share these ideas will engage them. You may not need to implement the ideas or even accept them; asking and valuing your employee’s ideas will make all the difference. The process of asking your employees for input will be powerful enough to engage them. Have a work culture that makes it easy for your employees to share their ideas.

Believe in people.

Everyone wants others to believe in them. People do their best work when they believe they are surrounded by people who care for them and believe in them. Tell your employees you believe in their capacity and potential.

Do not treat your workers as machines.

Provide freedom and choices to your employees. Give them a chance to express themselves and make an adjustment.

Payment is also an important factor in engaging people.

Payment does not create a greater job performance though; hence commitment, motivation, work ethic and engagement are an important factor in determining an employee’s performance.


“How to Engage People Better at Work”

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