How to Engage Your Employees

How to Engage Your Employees

High Levels of Employee engagement have been proven to reduce staff turnover, retain customers, achieve higher profits and improve productivity. Engaged employees are happier employees and hence are efficient, dedicated in their work and loyal towards their company. There are many strategies that can be implemented to engage employees in your organisation to help drive your team towards success.

1. Recognise Your Employee’s Work

“Thank you’ is an underrated word and can go a long way in making your employees feel valued. You want your employees to feel job security and important to the organisation. Recognizing your employee’s efforts go a long way in making them feel welcomed in the organisation. It is important to make your employees feel that their work matters to the them. It is important to say thank you to your employees when they achieve success or put in good effort. Give them feedback on their reports and meetings and acknowledge their loyalty to the company and you!. Praising your employees in the workplace shall encourage them and create job satisfaction resulting in better performance and promoting employee engagement.

2. Flexible Work Schedule

A flexible work schedule helps employees maintain a balance between their personal and professional relationships. It is something that every employee desires as it brings about a certain freedom in their lives. It has been proven that a flexible work schedule can make staff more productive and efficient at work. Your employees shall be grateful that they get to make their own time and in turn be more loyal to your company.

3. Involve Your staff in Business Planning

You can engage your employees by noticing their talents. Focusing on your employee’s abilities and appoint them in a position that is the most suitable to their talents. Engage your employees by involving them in planning and strategic meetings. Giving them flexibility to explore how they feel they can contribute to the company.

4. Provide Your Employees with Feedback

Feedback is an important aspect of employee engagement. You can celebrate your employees’ success, set goals and encourage teamwork all while providing feedback. You can boost productivity by providing feedback, be consistent but not too regular in your feedback approaches. Well orchestrated feedback makes a huge difference in employee performance.

5. Encourage Creativity

Emails, inventory and research are important parts of any job but they do not promote creativity and can be mundane. Schedule meetings with your team strictly to explore creative ideas. Brainstorming sessions with superiors boost employee engagement and can lead to surprising ideas and results. Employees will feel engaged when they shall be empowered to explore creative possibilities.

6. Share Your Success with Your Employees

Include your employees in the company’s success. So that when you share your success with your employees, it makes them feel like an important part of the organisation and boosts their trust in the work they do. Even the smallest success can be used to motivate employees. Collaboration between leaders and employees drives engagement and creates a meaningful work environment.

7. Value your Employees and Promote Team Building

Valued employees are happy employees; and happy employees are efficient employees. Therefore feeling empowered and productive when they see their work impacting the community in real time. As a leader, you can introduce volunteer opportunities for all employees to participate in together to connect and bond with each other. Thus feeling valued while working in a team is a common dominator whilst working in a team. Team building is uniting people around their work which can be promoted by social activities.

8. Communication is Key

Similarly employees are more dedicated to their work when they understand management decisions and the direction the company is moving towards. Communication with employees promotes engagement. Be open and transparent with employees and have HR policies that promote communication between different levels of management. An important part of communication within a team environment is to regularly ask for feedback in regards to any changes that your staff may want to to take place in the organisation. It is important to make your employees feel like they are a part of the team to maintain employee engagement.


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