How to make the Recruitment Process Faster

How to make the recruitment process faster

Hiring processes can often be lengthy and complicated. However if time is money, it’s essential to speed up the recruitment process to keep costs down.  If you are looking to start your next hiring process, here are a few ways to speed up the recruitment process.


Understand where things take the most time in your hiring process

Think about the steps involved in your hiring process.  Understand which steps seem to go slower than others.  It may even be useful to use a workflow chart to see the exact steps and how long each process should take. Here are few ideas to speed up the recruitment process at various stages.

  • Ask for reference details at the first interview if this normally causes a bottleneck at the end of the interview process.
  • If the line managers schedule is always tight, consider someone else holding the first interview.
  • Ensure the line managers diary is blocked out in advance to meet the candidates at second stage.

Write great job ads to attract the best candidates first time round

The job description you use to attract candidates can make or break the speed of the recruitment process.  Your job advert is the chance to influence top talent to consider your organisation and shouldn’t be too long.  If there is too much information on the job specification, good candidates may pass over it because of its length.  If it’s too brief there is a risk of omitting important information for potential employees.

  • As a rule of thumb, the four or five most prominent responsibilities should heavily feature and any other additional responsibilities can be included in a couple of extra lines.
  • Clarity with your qualifications section is important, especially with the non-negotiables, so you can reduce the number of non-relevant applications.
  • Adding something about the company, team or office environment can also really help attract the right candidates.  Give potential candidates a sense of what it’s like to work in your company.

Be selective for interviews

The most time-consuming part of the interview process is often the first-round interviews. A lot of companies try and book in too many interviews initially to make sure they are covering all bases. This is often hours of wasted time for line managers so aiming for 3-5 initially should cover it.

Outsource your recruitment to an agency

By outsourcing your staffing requirements to an agency you are eliminating hours of valuable time sifting through unsuitable applications.
You can expect a quality screening and hiring process from an outside consultant because you are paying for it.  Which leaves you to just review a few suitable people, instead of every single application.  This also leaves HR to focus on retention and talent management which is just as crucial to the success of your business.

Allow recruitment agencies access to the decision maker

Often there are several key employees involved in the recruitment process from HR to team leaders and line managers.  In our experience we have found that when recruitment consultants have direct access to the decision maker, the hiring process is much quicker.


If you are looking to recruit in the near future and would like a professional service to help you speed up the recruitment process then we would love to have a chat with you further.  To see how we can relieve you of time and pressure in the recruitment process then please contact us


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