HR Business Partner Salary UK

HR business partner Salary UK

Human Resource department has the duty of dealing with matters related to employees working for an organization. Among many roles and positions of the HR department, HR business partner is an important one. The HR business partner (HRBP) has the duty of aligning business objectives with staff and management among different business units. The HR business partner also communicates with senior management and suggests new ideas while considering the financial limitations and culture of the organization. The roles of HR business partner are following:

  • Designing the agenda of HR
  • Creating techniques and strategies of HR
  • Maintaining good relations between staff and employers
  • Collaborating with heads of different departments
  • Conducting regular meetings with different business units
  • Managing the funds allocated to the HR department
  • Creating contract terms for new hires, promotion, and transfers
  • Interpretation of the HR policy and agenda

HRBP is a very versatile position in the UK and provides a wide range of opportunities throughout the UK. The job can be full-time (9 to 5 job), part-time, or consultancy (self-employed) based depending upon a person’s requirement.

Average HRBP advisor salary in United Kingdom

The HR business partner salary in the UK ranges from £32,000/yr to £62,000/yr approximately. The sample of three different websites is shared below

According to,, the average salary of the HR business partner is £48,218/yr, £44,703/yr, £32,000/yr, £47,503/yr respectively.

It can be induced from the range that many variables play a role in determining the pay that a person can earn. These averages help determine your estimated earnings in a year but these are not actual representation of your annual income.

Variables that determine pay scale of HR Business partner in United Kingdom

The pay that an organization offers an employee depends upon many variables, some of them are discussed below

  • Job Experience: A person with experience of 5 years or more as an HR business partner is likely to get more salary as compared to a person with no prior experience.
  • Job Timings: A person working it as a full-time job will be paid more as compared to a person who is working as part-time job (flexible hours advantage)
  • Geographical location: The location of a person’s posting within the UK also affects the salary. A person working in a metropolitan area i.e. London is likely to get more salary as compared to others.

Skills, Qualification and Career Development

If you are looking for a job as an HR business partner, the following sets of skills will be helpful

  • Good staff management skills
  • Excellent verbal and writing skills of communication
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Having complete knowledge of related Laws, Ordinances, Regulations, and Policies

As the position of HR business partner falls in the upper level of organizational hierarchy so there are often some other requirements to acquire this position.

  • In some cases experience of 5 years or more in the HR department is mandatory
  • Professional degree in HR or related fields are often required
  • SHRM professional certification will help a person to acquire this job

There is a bright career progression for HR business partners. A person can progress into HR consultant, Head of HR, HR Director, Head of people and culture.


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“HR Business Partner Salary UK”

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