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HR coordinator is a very important role in human resources and you have to perform a wide range of activities. The HR coordinator has the duty of assisting HR Managers with recruitment, maintaining employees’ records, assisting with payroll processing, and proving administrative support to all employees. This position ensures effective use of plans and positive employee relations and resolves benefits-related problems. They are also responsible for performing a task with a focus to grow the pipeline talent of the organization. The roles of HR coordinator are following

  • Responding to both internal and external queries related to HR
  • Redirecting HR related calls to the relevant member of the team
  • Making schedules of meetings, interviews, and other HR-related events
  • Coordination during training programs and seminars
  • Maintaining a complete record of the employees concerned with HR
  • Compiling and presenting different reports related to HR
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest HR trends and technologies
  • Helping in the recruitment process by identifying the right candidates according to the conditions

HR coordinator is a very crucial position in the UK. Since the responsibility of this position is so high so normally organizations look for a person who can work full time but you can still find a part-time job as an HR coordinator in the UK.

Average HR coordinator salary in United Kingdom

The average salary of an HR coordinator in the United Kingdom is £32,324/yr. The sample of three different websites is shared below for references.

According to, HR Coordinator average salary is £36,759/yr,  £31,213, and £29,000 respectively.

+It is clear from the above information that the HR coordinator salary has a big range, starting from £26,000 to £45,000. It can be induced from the range that many variables play a role in determining the pay that a person can earn. These averages help determine your estimated earnings in a year but these are not actual representation of your annual income.

Variables that determine pay scale of HR coordinator in United Kingdom

The pay that an organization offers an employee depends upon many variables, some of them are discussed below

  1. Job Experience: The pay that you get for the HR coordinator role or any role depends upon your prior experience. If an individual is a fresh graduate then his pay scale would be less as compared to a person working for 5 years or more as an HR coordinator.
  2. Job timings: If you are working full time the pay-scale would be more as compared to part-time (flexible hours advantage).
  3. Geographical location: The location of your posting in the United Kingdom also affects the pay scale offered. Posting in metropolitan city i.e. London will get you more paid as compared to others.


Skills, Qualification and Career Development

If you are looking at being an HR coordinator, the following are some helping points.

There are certain skills (mentioned below) that would help you become an effective HR coordinator

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Good knowledge of MS Office and other related software
  • Ability to handle data confidentially
  • Good skills in managing the database
  • Outstanding socialization and interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of HR processes and latest techniques
  • Excellent skills in time management and organization
  • BA/BS in human resources or relevant certification

The future of HR coordinator has bright career advancements. A person can progress into an HR Specialist, Generalist role. People can also move a step ahead in their career by advancing into HR Manager, HR Director.


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“HR Coordinator Salary UK”

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