Interview Tasks You Might Get Asked

Interview Tasks you might get asked:

There is a limited amount of information that you can obtain from a resume and a cover letter. The recruitment process is what reveals the most about a candidate. An interview is a chance for managers to understand if the candidate shall fit the company’s culture. Questions are important to know the candidate but many times candidates provide rehearsed answers to most interview questions. Hiring managers should include tasks to really get to know the candidate and understand their skills.

Here are some tasks that can be used during the recruitment process-

1: Email Overload

It is a popular recruitment task, often favoured by hiring managers.

The task:

You have just returned from a long leave and find your inbox filled with emails. You have a meeting before lunch and you need to know all of the information that has been emailed to you. Make the task more relevant to your industry; it can be orders instead of emails. Some candidates will remain calm and think of an answer, others may become flustered. The correct answer is that the candidate shall filter the emails based on the sender’s importance such as work, client or colleague. You can determine a candidate’s work ethic and demeanour when faced with pressure during this task.

2: Role reversal

You need to be someone who can take criticism well to implement this recruitment task. This will surely make the interview interesting.

The task:

Ask your candidate to review the interview and the interviewer. Ask them to list out what they liked about the interview and areas of improvement. You will understand their thought process much better based on the pros and cons they provide for the interview. It will help you determine their social skills and diplomatic skills. They may not be the right candidate if they are rude or meek. The right candidate will answer diplomatically and sensitively.

3: Puzzles

Puzzles and riddles are an excellent way to determine a candidate’s wit. It can be a valuable task in weeding out unsuitable candidates in an interview process.

The task:

You can choose many riddles from the internet but the one with the farmer, the fox, the goose and a bag of corn works the best. A farmer has a fox, a goose and a bag of corn, he needs to cross a river by boat and can transport only one item with him at a time. If he leaves the fox with the goose, it will eat it, if he leaves the goose with the corn, it will eat that. It is easy to solve and yet most people cannot. Consider candidates who can solve it, they may be more logical than others or they may be aware of the answer already.

Upgrade your interview process with these fun tasks and make them interesting. With these tasks, you are guaranteed to find and filter the best candidates.


“Interview Tasks You Might Get Asked”

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