Is it Normal to Regret Quitting Your Job ?

Is it Normal to Regret Quitting Your Job?

23 per cent of people who quit their jobs regret it. Here is an article titled: Is it normal to regret quitting your job?.

They miss their co-workers.

Most people regret quitting their jobs because they miss their co-workers. A great group of colleagues makes all the difference between enjoying your work and hating your office.

Friendly co-workers although is not the best reason to continue working at a place you do not wish to be a part of anymore. With time, as you move on with your career plans you shall find more friendly co-workers.

You could not continue working at the same place even if you loved your co-workers but hated your job. Keep in contact with your former colleagues as friends to reduce your regret.

Made a hasty decision.

A lot of people regret leaving their jobs because they did not think it through. It is important to be sure of your reasons to quit before resigning. Talking to your superiors about your problems may help find a resolution instead of resignation. Sometimes addressing your dissatisfaction is a better idea than moving on. Exploring all possibilities before resigning will have reduced your regrets.

You had a great boss.

People regret leaving their jobs when they leave a great boss behind. It is a satisfying job experience when your boss is someone you admire, respect and can learn a lot from. If your boss was your mentor, leaving her or him behind can be a regretful experience but to move on with your career path you will have to move on eventually. Making the effort to stay in touch with your former boss will help you succeed in your new job and reduce regrets.

Missed opportunities.

People regret leaving their jobs sometimes because they did not like the job but they liked the company. It would have been wiser for them to transfer to a different apartment by talking to their boss about different opportunities or reaching out to other department superiors about transfers.

Missed promotion.

Sometimes people regret leaving their jobs because they did not try asking for a change or raise. It is always a good time to ask for a raise when you have achieved success at your job. Sometimes waiting and having patience leads to rewards.

You do not get what you want unless you ask for it.


“Is it Normal to Regret Quitting Your Job?”

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