Is it ok to job hop?

I find it interesting that millennials are happy to job hop.  At the age of five, after my first day at school, I went home and announced that I was going to save up all my silver pennies so that I could become a teacher one day.


Apart from various holiday jobs while a schoolgirl, I have never worked at or been interested in doing anything else. I loved teaching.


Does this fact make me unadventurous, unenterprising or boring? I do not believe so.  I do believe, however, that job hopping provides crucial work for recruitment agencies which would not flourish if my frame of mind were the norm…

There are, of course, great advantages to job-hopping for those who are unsure which career to pursue.


A former pupil of mine was desperate to be a hairdresser when she left school so I sent her to a salon for her two weeks’ work experience. She hated it! She ended up working in an office and loved it.  Just a taste of what she thought she would like was enough to change her mind.


A happy medium has to be struck otherwise potential employers might think that an applicant has no staying power or loyalty.

Is it okay to job hopWritten by Anita Mcghee (retired English teacher)