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By Georgia Saddington – Recruitment Consultant

Ok, so, the average office worker can spend around 8 hours, 5 days a week sitting down in an office environment, the big question in the Journey Recruitment office this week is:


How can we make ourselves feel better about sitting at the desk all day?

Myself and Louisa have taken it upon ourselves to wake up a little earlier, head to the office and complete a mile jog in the field next to our office every morning before our working day starts. I have to say – it has been tough but it has made us feel AMAZING. If you can, get yourself out there in the mornings, I promise it’s worth it! This is why we have decided to write an article about keeping fit in the office.

We do also understand not everyone can commit to this, so maybe you could make adjustments to the way in which you get to work? Do you live close enough to leave a little earlier and walk? Or like our Director, Carole – cycle sometimes into work rather than drive?

Anyway, all of this has got the office talking about the ways in which we can continue to keep feeling active throughout the day, whilst sitting at the desk. We have had a look and thought we would share with you some exercises we have found and are carrying out ourselves:

1. Ankle Rotations

Here is the first simple exercise to keep your ankles in a good condition with some simple ankle rotations. To do this rotate your ankles in both directions for 5 seconds and repeat this 3 times (each ankle).

2. Shoulder Shrugs

Do you ever get that burn at the bottom of your neck? This is something I get A LOT! So.. TRUST ME… Shoulder shrugs help! To release your neck and shoulders inhale deeply and shrug your shoulders. Lift them high up to your ears hold this position then release and drop. Repeat this 3 times to loosen up the upper body.

3. Calf Muscle Toning

Another effortless exercise is to stretch your calf muscles by raising your legs onto your tip toes whilst remaining seated hold this position for 10 seconds and repeat 7 times.

5. Wrist Rolls 

Every hour or so take a break from the wrist to roll your wrists. Roll the wrists 10 times clockwise, then 10 times anticlockwise.

I know these are simple things, but I have found they really do make a difference and honestly once you start to do them – you will realise that every little does count!


Good luck.

Journey Recruitment hopes you have a great day. 

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