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Please see below the average salary a software developer should receive in the UK in 2020.

The creative, intriguing computer programs and games that we all love to play and work on are developed by software developers. There are some software developers who work on specific programs or applications, but there are some who create giant networks, systems and programs. There are two types of software developers

  • Application software developers
  • Systems Software developers

Some of the roles and responsibilities that software developer performs are:

  • Creating, testing and developing software programs by writing of code.
  • Analysing the need of users, solving problems and providing entertainment.
  • Keeping record of any future updates and new technologies.

Software developer job is for creative minds and requires long hours in front of computer.

Average Software Developer salary in United Kingdom

The average salary of software developer in United Kingdom is £51,235/yr. The average is calculated from the sample of two different hiring websites, including Glassdoor, and Reed. This average is based on a sample of 5,903 jobs posting on the mentioned websites.

The salary range of a software developer varies from £35,000 to £86,000 in United Kingdom.

Variables that determine salary of Software Developer in United Kingdom

  1. Working Hours: The typical working hours are 9 to 5. But a software developer can work independently as well; this can lead to long working hours. The more hours or freelancing jobs that a software developer do the more he can earn in a year.
  2. Level of experience: The experience of a software developer matters a lot, the more experienced the individual is the more pay he/she would get.
  3. Skill set: The type of programming languages a person knows to the certification/courses he/she has done defines the skill set. The skill set determines the salary of an individual.

Skills, Qualification and Career Development

The aspirant of a software developer can benefit from the following information.

There is wide range of industries and organizations that offer jobs to software developers. The sectors that hire software engineers include: Specialist IT firms, Manufacturing Industry, Financial services and public utilities. 

The skills that a software engineer requires and would help creating a pay gap are:

  • Superior technical competency, with excellent knowledge of computer systems and technologies.
  • Excellent ability to communicate with clients and other professionals.
  • Attention to detail and creative approach to problems.
  • Ability to manage workload and to work in team as well as independently.
  • Ability to learn new skills and technologies.
  • An awareness of recent trends and changing environment.

The educational background qualification for a software developer is not defining. Any graduate can opt for being a software developer, by completing a set of courses. However in order to get hired as software engineer, a degree in respective subject is required. If a candidate gets enough experience with time he/she can get a job as software developer.

Promotion and progression in the field is dependent on ability and experience.

We hope the information provided would be helpful in making an informed decision of your career.

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“Software Developer Salary UK”

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