Staycations and annual leave in 2021

To book or not to book? That is the question bothering many would-be holiday-makers.


Some of the powers that be predict that holidays may take place from June or July this year but only in this country. I believe that staycation bookings have soared recently.


However, what about foreign holidays?  For example, will some foreign countries ban cruise ships from docking at their ports? It will not be a happy experience if passengers are confined to the ship, unable to enjoy the excursions which are so popular.  Time will tell…


Employers may have a problem if all of their employees wish to book their holidays at the same time of the year instead of staggering them in the usual way.  It will probably be a case of “first come, first served”, in order to be fair to everyone.  I would love to be a fly on the wall when these discussions take place. I am sure that they could be lively! There is no easy answer.


July and August are particularly popular for holidays in this country, although my experience is that there can be wonderful weather in June and September.  It is just a pity that our weather is so unpredictable but many of us appreciate the fact that we live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and feel that we really should take advantage of that. Last year’s lovely summer weather led to a widespread acknowledgment of what our country has to offer.


Written by Anita McGhee (retired English teacher)