The Positive Impact of Having Dogs in the Office

At Journey Recruitment, our favourite colleague is Leonard the Golden Doodle.  We love his boundless energy, cuddles and company.  He keeps an eye on us, eats all our cucumber and brings a lovely energy to the office. We recently ran a poll on LinkedIn to find out how many of you felt the same about canine colleagues and whether you would welcome one into your working environment. It turns out the majority of us are ‘pro pup’, with a staggering 61.2% of people in favour of having dogs in the office. Therefore, we thought we’d put together a blog about the positive impact of having dogs in the office and why you should perhaps consider welcoming one into your workplace!

The Positive Impact of Having Dogs in the Office

A recent study in the US found that dogs can lower stress levels in the office, encourage more positive interactions and improve employee perceptions of their employers.

Organisations such as a ‘Moment to Paws’ and ‘Four Paws’ note that our canine colleagues:-

  • Improve trust between colleagues
  • Lower anxiety
  • Attract better candidates to the organisation
  • Increase positivity levels
  • Encourage short breaks which ultimately boost morale and focus
  • Boost overall productivity

If this gives you ‘paws for thought’, it’s worth considering rescuing.  Post COVID, animal shelters are full of dogs in need of rescue, new homes and opportunities to join organisations and improve culture and wellbeing!

Another amazing option is ‘Paws in Work’ they are an amazing organisation that bring pups to the office to help lower stress levels. This means that you can benefit from the positive impact of having dogs in the office without having to have a dog in the office full time.

In the meantime, our resident mascot is fast asleep.  The one thing Leonard doesn’t help with is recruitment…..  fortunately, the humans have that covered!  So the next time you are looking to hire for your business or seeking a ‘pawsome’ new role,  don’t hesitate to get in touch with Journey Recruitment.  We’re ready when you are. Please do find our new jobs here.