Trademark Paralegal Salary UK

Trademark Paralegal Salary UK

A trademark paralegal is an individual, who provides legal support and advice to clients about protecting, registering, and enforcing trademark rights. A trademark is a unique product or service that is a source of identification and differentiation for a company against its competitors.

Trademark products and services include logos, shapes, company names, smell, and sounds. Trademark paralegal can be hired by any companies from multinational corporations to small local businesses. The roles and responsibilities of a trademark paralegal are

  • Advise, manage and oversee matters related to intellectual property rights including trademarks, copyright, and designs.
  • Negotiate and take action in litigation during trademark disputes.
  • Write, review, and draft contractual papers
  • Manage relationship with brand manager and oversee marketing activities

As a trademark paralegal, an individual has to work full office hours, sometimes leading to overtime. A trademark paralegal can also opt for the self-employment option.

Average Trademark Paralegal salary in the United Kingdom

The average salary of a trademark paralegal in the United Kingdom is 33,732/yr. The average is calculated from the sample of four different hiring websites, including Payscale, Reed, and Indeed. This average is based on a sample of 50 job posts on the mentioned websites.

The salary range of a trademark paralegal varies from £20,000 to £42,500 in the United Kingdom. This range is due to many factors, variables, which are discussed next.

Variables that determine the salary of Trademark Paralegal in the United Kingdom

  1. Job experience and age: The age of a solicitor and his/her experience play an important factor in determining the salary of a trademark paralegal in the United Kingdom. A trademark paralegal at different levels can earn the following salary:
Experience LevelTenureSalary (in £)
Early Career1-4 years25,000
Mid- Career5-9 years31,000
Experienced10-19 years35,000
Late – Career20 years and above38,000


Skills, Qualification, and Career Development

If you are an aspirant of Trademark Paralegal, the following are some helping points.

Companies and organizations that hire trademark paralegals are major manufacturing companies and national/multinational organization that deal in high profile products and services.

There are certain skills (mentioned below) that would help you in gaining career progress as a trademark paralegal:

  • Preparing, reviewing, and researching legal case documents.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills.
  • Keep an eye on new commercial and cultural trends in light of the law.
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Self motivation and attention to detail.

In terms of educational background, an individual needs to complete their LLB degree and then work as a trainee in any firm intellectual property department. After successful completion of training, a solicitor becomes eligible to be entered into the register of trademark attorneys.

There are different job titles in various organizations for trademark paralegal, but an individual can progress from a trainee to a part-qualified and then qualified trademark paralegal. A solicitor can opt for self-employment as well. Moreover, as competition among organizations are increases with the widening of trade markets the need for trademark paralegal would likely increase.

We are anticipating that this article would be helpful in order to arrive at the best career decision of your life.

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“Trademark Paralegal Salary UK”

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