Ways to Motivate Your Team for Better Results

Ways To Motivate Your Team for Better Results


You have a big project coming ahead with a tight deadline; can you manage it single-handedly? The big fat answer is NO! You need a team to manage your business projects. A motivated and inspired team helps a business complete its projects and reach its targets, mission, and vision. This is why we have decided to write an article on the best ways to motivate your team to get better overall results.


Employees are the most prominent asset of every organization, and they are the core reason for the progress of a business. A well-motivated team can do wonders and make everything achievable. Employees must be acknowledged regularly, and leadership must invest in versatile ways to keep their team motivated to open new horizons of success. Managers and team leaders should keep their staff energized to do more work and produce better outcomes.


The job of motivating and inspiring employees at work is not one time task but an ongoing process. The business should keep an eagle’s eye on its staff members. It should be aware that an employee becomes demotivated and needs some booster to inspire them. Next, you will find some tips that might help you motivate and inspire your team to achieve better results.



 “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” –Helen Keller

1. Communicate! Communicate!  

Communication is a critical key to any relationship. The business targets, mission, and vision should be communicated through policies and procedures to employees. The key things that a business can do to improve communication within their organization are

  • Listen to your employees, ideas, opinions, and feedback.
  • Keep your employees updated on the new needs and requirements of the business.
  • The work environment should be friendly and promote two-way communication.
  • Transparency and clarity should be the key policy of the organization.

2. Encouragement, Recognition, and Feedback

The employer should encourage teamwork in their organization so that there is no workload on any employee. Any regular employee wants that their employer recognizes the work they are doing. In return for all the work done, an employee is always looking for feedback and rewards. Some tips to encourage employees, recognize their work, and provide feedback are

  • Nonmonetary feedback, including a pat on the back, appreciation of work in team meetings, etc.
  • Celebrating the hard work of employees at the finishing of a project.
  • Small, consistent bonuses should be provided to employees, like cash rewards to the employee of the month.

3. Work Environment

An employee spends a major portion of his time in a 9 to 5 job. So a healthy and friendly work environment becomes critical in not only a peaceful mind but also in a motivated and inspired employee. Key steps to take to create a healthy and friendly work environment are

  • Promote a positive attitude in the organization.
  • Provide lunch breaks, tea, and coffee during working timings.
  • Provide a safe, secure, and friendly atmosphere.
  • Keep the workplace neat and clean.
  • Promote team get together and getaway.

4. Growth and Development

The employee cannot be motivated by only money. To inspire and motivate employee toward company goals, he/she wants to experience growth and development in their career. A company can take the following steps to add to employees’ growth and development and avoid any career stagnation.

  • Keep regular training sessions and seminars.
  • Share future goals and get employee feedback.
  • Get them involved in managerial decisions.
  • Give employees more autonomy in decision making.
  • Provide employees with purpose and aim in day to day tasks.

5. Encourage Work Friendships

Research says that 70% of the workers consider that having friends at the office makes their work-life enjoyable. Team leaders should organize employee referral programs to communicate with the current employees and encourage them to offer their best services. Leaders can also buy a large table for the employees to have lunch together to engage with each other. There are various team-building activities by which the leaders can promote work friendships.


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