Why is Friday 13th bad ?

Why is Friday 13th bad ?

Well, Friday 13th is bad enough but Friday 13th 2020!!!

But is it all doom and gloom or are some sectors still hiring?

We all know how busy we were at the beginning of this year and how, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK labour market was the highest it has been for some time. The employment rate was the highest on record at 76.6%, vacancies were high and the unemployment rate low at 3.9%.

How things have changed! And it isn’t our fault! But are things now starting to pick up? Well, in a BBC interview recently Chancellor Rishi Sunak said it was going to be “a difficult winter” but there were “reasons for cautious optimism”

There are some sectors still actively hiring at the moment and certain sectors are recovering much better than others, For instance, the data suggests that health and social care vacancies are now way above 2019 levels and funding has begun for lots of nurse apprenticeships throughout England.

It could be the time to be “strategic” with your job search and to target not only the sectors that are actively hiring but also the sectors that are experiencing job shortages as well. The “shortage occupation list” used to offer work visas to people moving the the UK, and this quickly shows that fields such as engineering, specialist IT managers, programmers, graphic design, maths teachers, social workers etc are areas where workers are needed.

It could also be the time to join the public sector as there are various initiatives such as the “national retraining scheme” helping people move into areas such as teaching, healthcare and social work.

Also, as so many people have now shifted to home working and online working, it could be worth targeting companies which are fully digital such as online retail companies like Amazon, or technology companies working in education or healthcare.

We will get through this and we will come out more united and stronger!

Good luck.

Journey Recruitment hopes you have a great day. 

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