Why You Should Become a Receptionist

Why You Should Become a Receptionist

Receptionist jobs are rarely considered as a long term role and more as a stepping stone to an individual’s career. However, being a receptionist can be a fulfilling career and has the potential for a high salary. Being a receptionist could be rewarding, fun and it can bring good prospects.

  1. The Face of the Company

A receptionist is someone who greets and bids adieu to everyone visiting the company. A receptionist’s attitude dictates how a potential client or partner may feel about the company. It is an important job. A receptionist is the first point of contact for every business and it should not be taken lightly.

  1. It will hone your multitasking skills.

Receptionists are highly skilled individuals. They have to be talented multi-taskers, they manage various ongoing situations with a smile and composure. Many companies hire receptionists that have advanced computer skills, communication and social skills and are incredibly organised. Being a receptionist, you shall develop many skills. A receptionist has to handle excel sheets and various documents and power points. They have to handle many phone lines and sometimes fill in for office management and customer service staff.

  1. Earning potential.

A starting salary for a receptionist may not be much but as you gain experience and grow your resume, you can gain opportunities to apply for higher-earning receptionist jobs. As you develop more skills and work for larger companies, your pay shall increase as well. Receptionists in the corporate and financial sector earn much higher salaries and with experience and opportunity, that can be you.

  1. It is a rewarding job.

Receptionists deal with a lot of stress and pressure on a daily basis. They are at the centre of most operations and keep everything flowing in the company. They provide support to all of the company’s staff including assistants, tech staff, cleaners, sales teams and senior officers. A receptionists’ job brings a lot of responsibility and at the end of the day, the work can feel extremely rewarding.

  1. It can open a lot of doors.

If you treat a receptionist job as a permanent career path, it can provide you with ample progression opportunities. You can hone your skills to gain employment as a medical or legal secretary. You can gain experience and when the opportunity strikes, you can interview for a management position or a customer service position. Being a receptionist can open a lot of doors and provide you with many skills and experiences that will lead to an enjoyable career.

  1. Networking

Being a receptionist, you shall have the opportunity to interact with the whole company. People are usually friendlier to receptionists than other colleagues. As a receptionist, you will always know the happenings of the company.

  1. Flexible responsibilities

Most jobs are limited to their job descriptions but a receptionist’s job requires flexibility and adaptability. They interact with various departments, work along with a number of colleagues and learn about the business and its different products and services. Most businesses rely heavily on their receptionists.


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“Why you should become a receptionist”

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