Boost Your Job Application with us

Have we contacted you about a role or have you seen a job you’d like to apply for?  Here are some of our best tips to boost your job application with us and help you progress to the next stage of the recruitment process quickly.

Quick tips to boost your job application
4 key points to help you stand out



  1. Submit a relevant CV

CV tweaking is a thing!  Especially if you want to boost your job applications and stand out amongst the sea of applications.  This does NOT mean lying on your CV, it means removing SOME of the details that are not relevant to the role. Leave company names, dates and job titles on there but there’s no need to list out all your duties and responsibilities for a pub job you did years ago when applying for a Marketing role now.  Think more in terms of the skills you learnt in that role and highlight those if you really can’t bear to leave it blank.

Use the job description as your guideline, add in any small details of experience that you haven’t added in before because it’s too niche.  Sales figures, specific achievements, exact industry experience, clients and customers you worked with, who are in the same industry as the job your applying for.

Yes this is more work to tweak your CV and make it more relevant to each and every role you apply for, but in the long run, your application to interview ratio is going to drastically increase when you make this effort


  1. Write a brief paragraph highlighting your most relevant experience


Once you’ve made your CV look as relevant as possible you can take a few of the key points in your career history and highlight that experience in a brief paragraph or two.  This is a quick way for the recruiter to understand your experience in a nutshell BEFORE they even read your CV.


  1. State 2/3 Key strengths you have for this role


Use the job description to see what type of characteristics or personality traits are most important for this job and genuinely assess where you are strongest.  Think of some examples of times you have demonstrated these qualities in your career before.  Write a sentence or two about this.


  1. Give your salary expectations and availability


Let the recruiter know your salary range expectations and what your current notice period is so they can guide you through the process quickly and efficiently, without any nasty surprises or time wasted.  Let us know when you are free to talk further about your application too.


If you have found these tips helpful please let us know in the comments below.


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