The Best Places to Find a New Job

Are you looking for an amazing new job but have no idea where to start? Do you have some job sites that you stick to, but don’t know any other great places to find new roles?

If the answer to these questions was “yes!”, then we are here to help you discover the best places to find a new job. In this article, we list the best jobsites and what services they provide to help you increase your chances of discovering your perfect new role.

Each job site has various benefits, but we have grouped them into various categories depending on what service they best provide.

The Best for Graduates


Milkround is a really fantastic website for graduate roles, internships, apprenticeships and for A Level leavers. On Milkround you can upload your CV directly so that recruiters and companies can reach out to you directly, reducing the admin associated with finding a job such as writing cover letters. The recruiters or companies that reach out to you will match you to great graduate roles that they think will suit your location or skills, which is especially great if you aren’t 100% sure of what you want to do as a career.

Guardian Jobs

Another great jobsite for graduates is Guardian Jobs. This one is a little less well known but is another fantastic option for graduates seeking their first role. Guardian Jobs allows you to discover which sector could be suitable for you as well as upload your CV so recruiters and companies can reach out to you directly. Guardian Jobs is not just for graduates however, and also a wide range of other roles for all jobseekers.

The Best for Connections

LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn Jobs is a great jobsite as you can link it directly to your LinkedIn profile. This means that every time you go on LinkedIn, jobs recommended to what you have done in the past or have been searching for will be suggested to you.

LinkedIn is probably one of the best options if you want to be able to see the contacts that work at the companies you are applying for and reach out to them directly. Connecting with the HR team on LinkedIn can be a great way to build business relationships and increase your chance of success.

Recruitment Websites

One of the best ways to find a new role is by searching for your local recruitment agencies websites. Not only can you see current job listings here that are local to you, but you can also upload your CV. If you upload your CV, the recruiters can reach out and add you to their system and also work directly with you to discover the perfect role for you that is also local to home. Some recruiter’s websites also include blogs with free career advice and resources.

The Best for Reviews


Glassdoor is a very good option if you want to search companies and their reviews before applying to them. This allows you to read both the pros and cons of the company and decide whether it could be a great fit for you before applying. However, despite Glassdoor allowing you to search for jobs, it doesn’t let you upload your CV to the website. It also requires you to sign up and post a review yourself before letting you read multiple reviews.

The Best if You Want a Recruiter to Reach Out to You

Reed, CV Library, Indeed and TotalJobs

Reed, CV Library, Indeed and TotalJobs are among some of the most popular jobsites. These four are great options if you want to search a huge volume of roles by location and also upload your CV so recruiters and companies can reach out directly. These sites are most frequently used by recruiters so mean that there is a high chance that you will get headhunted for roles.

We hope this article helped you discover some great new jobsites and will contribute to the success of your job hunt. Journey Recruitment’s website also has some fantastic new roles which can be found here and some great career advice which can be seen on our blog page here.