Changes to Paternity Leave in 2024

As we celebrate Father’s Day, we at Journey Recruitment thought it might be helpful to update fathers about the key changes to paternity leave in 2024.  Changes to Paternity Leave in 2024 Changes have been made as of March to … Continued

The Positive Impact of Having Dogs in the Office

At Journey Recruitment, our favourite colleague is Leonard the Golden Doodle.  We love his boundless energy, cuddles and company.  He keeps an eye on us, eats all our cucumber and brings a lovely energy to the office. We recently ran a … Continued

Employee Benefits: How to Improve Wellbeing in the Workplace

Are you wanting to improve employee wellbeing in the workplace by improving employee benefits? Then this blog should be able to help! Here at Journey Recruitment we are seeing an increase in employers offerings schemes to improve staff wellbeing.  According to Deloitte, employee … Continued

10 Fun Workplace Team Building Activities

At Journey Recruitment our team have plenty of opportunities to have fun and build on our working relationships.  From easter egg hunts to trips to music venues, we enjoy spending time together and believe this has a hugely positive impact … Continued

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Recruiter

Here at Journey Recruitment,  we work hard to give our candidates the best possible ‘agency’ experience.  We have recently won an award from the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce for our Excellence in Customer Service and we believe that a … Continued

3 Changes to Employment Law in 2024

Here at Journey Recruitment, we have noticed some changes to the law surrounding your employment rights.  April has seen some brand new legislation and with a general election on the way we are expecting even more changes to the way … Continued

Journey Recruitment Attend Reading Business Expo!

This week, the lovely Carly and Helen from Journey Recruitment attended Reading Expo!  They had the most fantastic day meeting some amazing local businesses. We also get to announce that we officially have Journey Recruitment MERCH! The lovely Carly and … Continued

5 Signs of a Toxic Workplace

Do you often find yourself thinking that your company may be a toxic workplace? Do you dread going into work each day? Then this blog post could help you identify 5 potential signs of a toxic workplace. A toxic workplace … Continued

The Best Places to Find a New Job

Are you looking for an amazing new job but have no idea where to start? Do you have some job sites that you stick to, but don’t know any other great places to find new roles? If the answer to … Continued