Being more productive in the office

How to be More Productive in the Office. The following advice should be helpful as these suggestions have been tried and tested. You CAN increase your productivity and become more efficient.  Some friends and colleagues always seem to complete their … Continued

Staying Safe This Winter

You can catch Covid a second time, probably from a new variant, but it will be much less severe if you have been vaccinated as you will have built up immunity from the first time and you are much less … Continued

Working From Home?

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, believes that working from home is no substitute for being in the office. Just as remote learning is not the same as being in a classroom, Zoom does not provide the sort of creative energy as … Continued

Loosening UK Restrictions: Good Move or Not?

England is reopening as case numbers of Covid rise in some areas.  Is this a huge gamble? The Government dubbed 19th July “Freedom Day” as people have been able to go to nightclubs and gather in large groups without being … Continued

Rebooting Our Mental Health

As described in “Stop Staring at the Screens” by digital detox expert Tanya Goodin, studies have shown that just having a mobile phone in the room when you are trying to focus, can affect concentration even if you do not … Continued

Reading for Relaxation

Book clubs are very popular and now there are online book clubs which are thriving. Even the Duchess of Cornwall has launched one – her very own Reading Room on social media site Instagram.   One of her four … Continued

The Healing Power of Books

For some time now the Government has been investing millions of pounds in tackling poor mental health and loneliness through reading.  It has set up a campaign called “Read, Talk, Share”.  Reading has brought solace to many of us forced … Continued

Feel Good Factor

It is important that we look after our health in these challenging times. The stress of coping with the pandemic has affected many of us mentally and emotionally as well as physically. If you feel anxious, depressed, lonely or lacking … Continued

5 Signs you need a new job

      The last year has certainly brought some big changes in people’s careers and given us some challenges. Some people were furloughed, others made redundant and many have been adapting to working from home.  Perhaps you are now … Continued

How to Perform Well at a Video Interview.

Prepare properly.    As in a face-to-face-interview (see February 2021) research the company you wish to join so that you are prepared for questions such as: “Why do you want to join us?” and “What do you have to offer … Continued