Reading for Relaxation

Book clubs are very popular and now there are online book clubs which are thriving. Even the Duchess of Cornwall has launched one – her very own Reading Room on social media site Instagram.   One of her four … Continued

The Healing Power of Books

For some time now the Government has been investing millions of pounds in tackling poor mental health and loneliness through reading.  It has set up a campaign called “Read, Talk, Share”.  Reading has brought solace to many of us forced … Continued

Feel Good Factor

It is important that we look after our health in these challenging times. The stress of coping with the pandemic has affected many of us mentally and emotionally as well as physically. If you feel anxious, depressed, lonely or lacking … Continued

5 Signs you need a new job

    The last year has certainly brought some big changes in people’s careers and given us some challenges. Some people were furloughed, others made redundant and many have been adapting to working from home.  Perhaps you are now thinking … Continued

How to Perform Well at a Video Interview.

Prepare properly.    As in a face-to-face-interview (see February 2021) research the company you wish to join so that you are prepared for questions such as: “Why do you want to join us?” and “What do you have to offer … Continued

Advice for Attending an Interview.

Beforehand:    Be prepared to show your knowledge of the company you hope to join.  Consult their website and be prepared to answer questions such as, “Why do you want to work for us?” and “What makes you think that … Continued

Boost Your Job Application with us

Have we contacted you about a role or have you seen a job you’d like to apply for?  Here are some of our best tips to boost your job application with us and help you progress to the next stage … Continued

How to Write the “Perfect CV”

Your CV is your prospective employer’s checklist to gauge your suitability.  “MyPerfectCV” websites have numerous layout choices.  Choose one where a photograph can be inserted as this gives a good impression. I know of a candidate who was told that … Continued

Can we avoid anxiety?

Mental health issues are escalating. Can we avoid anxiety in these stressful times? A recent survey states, “59 percent of us in the UK sometimes, often or always try to avoid the news with two-thirds of respondents saying this was … Continued

Is it ok to job hop?

I find it interesting that millennials are happy to job hop.  At the age of five, after my first day at school, I went home and announced that I was going to save up all my silver pennies so that … Continued