Product Manager Salary UK

Product Manager Salary UK A product manager knows the business, marketing, data analysis, and technology, and interacts with people. The product manager ensures that the product is made efficiently and performs the following duties as well: Contributing towards product strategy … Continued

Advertising Coordinator Salary UK

Advertising Coordinator Salary UK Advertising coordinators are individuals who organize all advertising activities and initiatives of an organization. They carry out market research, conduct promotional campaigns, identify target audiences and assess current trends. The roles and responsibilities of the advertising … Continued

Marketing Analyst Salary UK

Marketing Analyst Salary UK The person who studies market conditions to assess the potential sales of products and services is called a market analyst. A market analyst would be able to analyze qualitative data, trends, strategies, and competition which would … Continued

Marketing Specialist Salary UK

Marketing Specialist Salary UK The individual who develop, execute, and monitor marketing programs across a variety of channels is called marketing specialist. Depending on the position, marketing specialist would also help with coordinating events such as trade shows or conferences. … Continued

HR Business Partner Salary UK

HR business partner Salary UK Human Resource department has the duty of dealing with matters related to employees working for an organization. Among many roles and positions of the HR department, HR business partner is an important one. The HR … Continued

Social Media Manager Salary UK

Social Media Manager Salary UK A social media manager boosts an organization’s online visibility and engagement by developing a strategy, producing good content, evaluate usage data, assisting service, and supervising projects and campaigns. A social media manager roles and responsibilities … Continued

Search Engine Optimization Specialist Salary UK

Search Engine Optimization Specialist Salary UK An SEO specialist identifies strategies, techniques, and tactics to transform a company’s online presence.  They help to increase the number of visits to a website and acquire a high-ranking position in the results page … Continued

Benefits of Working for a Small Business

Benefits of Working for a Small Business Big companies have a lot to offer but small companies can be equally appealing. When you are considering looking for a job, remember that a small company can be equally beneficial for you. … Continued

Interview Tasks You Might Get Asked

Interview Tasks you might get asked: There is a limited amount of information that you can obtain from a resume and a cover letter. The recruitment process is what reveals the most about a candidate. An interview is a chance … Continued

Web Designer Salary UK

Web Designer Salary UK If you have a creative mindset and have passion for technical knowledge then your dream of being web designer can be fulfilled. A Web designer plan, create and code web pages, using both technical and non … Continued