How to Perform Well at a Video Interview.

Prepare properly.   

  • As in a face-to-face-interview (see February 2021) research the company you wish to join so that you are prepared for questions such as: “Why do you want to join us?” and “What do you have to offer us?”
  • Spend time practising questions that you think you may be asked.  Go over your CV or application form to refresh your memory and do not forget to prepare some questions of your own.
  • Make sure that you read carefully any guidance notes which the recruiter may have sent and follow their instructions.  Check carefully the details given for time and for any deadline and, if appropriate, the date for sending your recording to them.


  • Choose a quiet room and tidy it in order to make it presentable.  Ensure that there will be no interruptions.  If necessary, ask other household members to help with this as there should be no background noise.
  • Have all of your equipment ready and check that it all works properly.  Use a computer or laptop rather than a tablet or mobile phone and position it so that the camera is at eye level.  You could have a prompt screen for your own use during the interview and you could use prompt cards to help you to remember important facts.  Also, make sure that you know how to share your screen in case you are asked to perform a practical task during the interview.  You may be asked to solve a puzzle or a problem to see how logical you are.
  • On the day, half an hour before the interview, check that everything is working properly and turn off your mobile phone.


  • Wear something plain and professional- looking with no distracting colours, patterns or jewellery.  Record yourself and play it back making any necessary adjustments to your appearance.  (e.g. Is your hair untidy?  Is your make-up too thick?)


  • Smile and speak clearly.  Do not speak too fast and leave pauses to give the interviewer time to think. Sit up straight and maintain good eye contact.  Look at the camera.  Try to look as if you are enjoying yourself.

During the interview.   

  • Try to relax and stay calm. If you feel nervous about video interviews, talk to an adviser on
  •  If anything goes wrong, it is better to tell the interviewer than to pretend that there is no (technical ) problem.
  • Looking at notes is fine but do it subtly.  Use them to help you to answer difficult questions.  Otherwise, try to keep your hands on your knees and do not fidget.

Pre-recorded interview tips.   

  • Bear in mind all of the above advice and make sure that you are aware of the exact time slot.  Practise beforehand so that you make full use of the time available to you and do not become intimidated by not having an actual person present.  Try to imagine that there is someone there.
  • Before answering, make sure that you have read all of the questions properly so that you do not waste any of the time allocated to you.  Also, try to work out whether you can stop or record an answer if there is a problem.
    Video interview

Written by Anita McGhee