How to Write the “Perfect CV”

Your CV is your prospective employer’s checklist to gauge your suitability.  “MyPerfectCV” websites have numerous layout choices.  Choose one where a photograph can be inserted as this gives a good impression. I know of a candidate who was told that his was the best CV offered and the only one with a photograph. This was appreciated and impressed the interviewer. If in any doubt about spelling or word choice, ask someone knowledgeable to check your work or use the computer spelling/grammar check tool.



Write everything clearly in black ink starting with your name and address and include all contact details. Some interviewers would like you to have a Linked-In profile, though this is optional.



Keep this short using brief sentences and do not go off at a tangent. Mention your qualities, achievements and ambitions. Keep the job in mind and try to make everything you write in each section relevant to the position for which you are applying.


Work Experience.

Write your experiences chronologically starting with the most recent. They will be easier to absorb in this format. Do not forget to mention any responsibilities you have experienced in your previous work.


Education and Qualifications.   

Again, keep your list chronological starting with the most recent. These can be described in some detail. The actual school or college can be mentioned and gives an air of authenticity to your statements. Only include courses which you have actually attended, even a course which you did not complete. Never waffle or make anything up.



These help your interviewer to judge your personality so mention subjects such as photography, sports, travel and any volunteering you may be involved in. Do not mention anything which might produce a negative image for example gambling or your political views.



Recent references are always appreciated. Make sure that you have the referee’s permission to mention them. Perhaps you could attach a written reference or two at the end of your CV.



Mention those which are applicable to and valuable in the position you are seeking. For example, you could state that you have good communication skills, are a good team player, and that you are known to be reliable at all times. As far as IT skills go, name any computer programmes with which you are

familiar such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Photoshop.


Finally, remember to keep copies of all the paperwork you present to the interviewer.


Written by Anita McGhee

How to write the perfect CV