What is a skydive like?

what is a skydive like
On Sunday 5th September, the time had come for Olivia: She was about to experience… what a skydive is like?

One of our recruitment mangers – to take the leap of faith from the side of a plane 11,000 ft above Berkshire’s country side. What started off as an office joke, was now a reality. After raising £750.00 for the Stroke Association, It all seemed worth it.

With this cause close to home, Olivia donned a purple jumpsuit, stripy hat and strapped herself to Chris the charming instructor. The day entailed lots of training and checking and eventually the 20 minute journey up to the drop spot.

When reaching 11,000 ft they hesitantly waited for the red light to flash. Final checks complete and the confirmation from air traffic control, the shutters were lifted and the free fallers began to jump. Sliding to the floor and leant over the side of the plane it all happened in a flash.

what does a skydive feel like

45 Seconds of free fall, with the cameraman catching every second, Olivia fell through the sky with an inflated jumpsuit and a face resembling Wallace and Gromit… by far the most surreal 40 seconds ever! Waving goodbye to the cameraman, the parachute then released and Olivia was pulled back up to the sky to then enjoy the wonderful scenery.

how long does a skydive last

Flying over the River Thames and recognisable sites. She got a chance to assist with the control of the parachute and enjoy the sunny morning. It was then time for the ‘legs up’ landing. Slowly flying to the cheers from family and friends. They smoothly slid across the grass and the most amazing experience had come to an end.

“To have had the opportunity to experience this wonderful day and raise money for the Stroke Association. I could not be more happy and thankful’

When asked whether she would do it again her reply was an definite YES and she is already considering purchasing another jump for next year!

skydive time

The Stroke association believe in life after stroke. That’s why they campaign to improve stroke care and support people to make the best possible recovery. They fund research into new treatments and ways to prevent strokes. If you are reading this and would like to donate. Please log on to https://www.justgiving.com/Olivia-Martell



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