10 Fun Workplace Team Building Activities

At Journey Recruitment our team have plenty of opportunities to have fun and build on our working relationships.  From easter egg hunts to trips to music venues, we enjoy spending time together and believe this has a hugely positive impact on our success as a business.  We also take a strong interest in the culture of the businesses we recruit for and have noticed a definite shift away from the traditional alcohol fuelled social events outside of working hours and a move towards more inclusive activities.

10 Fun Workplace Team Building Activities

According to a recent article by the BBC, workplace culture is evolving away from a focus on alcohol.  While Drinkaware reports that 23% of companies currently provide alcohol at socials, The Chartered Management Institute has circulated a warning to businesses that the amount of alcohol served at work social events should be limited, in order to prevent employees from acting inappropriately.


Generation Z are increasingly sobercurious, with a third of 18–24-year-olds not drinking at all according to a recent report by Mintel. There are many reasons that employees and their managers prefer to steer clear of alcohol when socialising and team building so with this in mind, how can businesses lift their team spirits without the spirits?  Keep reading below to discover 10 fun workplace team building activities that you can use with your team.

10 Fun Workplace Team Building Activities:

  1. Ping Pong – satisfy your teams’ competitive natures with a few games of table tennis at one of many venues around the UK.
  2. Axe Throwing – trickier than it looks and a great way to blow off steam!
  3. Zombie Lazer Tag – not for the faint hearted but a great distraction from the day to day…
  4. Miniature Golf – venues such as ‘Swingers’ are increasingly popular for those looking for plenty of food and plenty of fun! Many of these venues also have other activities built into them such as shuffleboard, bowling and more. Learn more here.
  5. Sweet Making – a little bit different and a very wholesome team building experience. Learn more here.
  6. Virtual reality Team Building.  The latest technology designed to team build and entertain.
  7. Escape Rooms – we actually did this ourselves here at Journey Recruitment and it really made us work as a team and use our brains.
  8. Trampoline Parks – Perfect for bringing out the inner child and a great way to get some exercise while bonding with your team.
  9. Flight Club – Darts, music and bar food for that traditional night out feel without having to rely on alcohol for the entertainment.
  10. Bowling – Again, another activity that we have tried as a team. There are lots of deals at local bowling alleys that include two games and food so this can be good value for money too.


We hope these 10 fun workplace team building activities have provided some inspiration for you and your team and we look forward to hearing how you keep your staff entertained and motivated.


Enjoy your team building as we at Journey Recruitment work with you to build your teams!


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