Employee Benefits: How to Improve Wellbeing in the Workplace

Are you wanting to improve employee wellbeing in the workplace by improving employee benefits? Then this blog should be able to help!

Here at Journey Recruitment we are seeing an increase in employers offerings schemes to improve staff wellbeing.  According to Deloitte, employee well-being is a vital part of business plans for 78% of employers.

Percihealth recently published an article explaining that Employee health and wellbeing is all-encompassing and covers physical, psychological, financial and overall wellbeing.  A commitment to wellbeing benefits the entire workforce and improves overall business performance, so improving the employee benefits on offer may improve your staff performance. Also, having attractive benefits on offer may help you attract a better candidate pool for your roles, as we find that the companies that offer the better benefits are definitely more popular!

With a wealth of wellbeing schemes to choose from, employers are tailoring their offerings to meet the needs of their individual staff.   From dental cover, casual dress days, cinema tickets and mental health support, it is also crucial the employees understand how to access wellbeing initiatives and take advantage of them in the workplace.

Employee Benefits: How to Improve Wellbeing in the Workplace

Here are some great ways that you can increase employee wellbeing in the workplace by improving employee benefits:

  1. Comfortable work and collaborative work spacesMindspace are specialists in workspace aesthetics and offer advice on how to boost wellbeing through creating the right environment to work in.  The correct workspace will boost productivity, reduce fatigue and improve overall mood!  Providing the option of working on open or closed plan offices is increasingly popular.
  2. Menopause support – With an increased awareness of the need to provide support form employees during the menopause, the following provides an overview of support of what can be offered : https://www.acas.org.uk/menopause-at-work/supporting-staff-through-the-menopause3)
  3. Preventative health initiatives.  Wellness screenings, health assessments, and initiatives promote better overall health and increased resilience. Many great companies offer private healthcare or dentistry and this can help your employees stay well in the long run. There are also services that provide a “GP in your pocket” service.4.
  4. Community Building – Team building activities and virtual events can help combat loneliness especially for those working remotely of in hybrid roles. On site events with games, food and teamwork can really improve moral and get various departments mingling
  5. Financial Wellbeing – Financial stress can be alleviated by implementing programs to support financial wellbeing.  Financial literacy and debt support can make a huge difference especially during a cost of living crises. Share schemes are also incredibly popular as these get staff directly invested in the financial performance of the business.
  6. Fitness and Healthy Eating – Anything from free fruit to subsidised gym memberships and walking challenges can improve the overall health of employees.
  7. Wellbeing technology – Mindfulness aps, AI therapists and virtual fitness classes can all be accessed from wherever employees are working and provide valuable support.
  8. Personal development budgets – Giving staff and a budget to improve their skills and undertake courses supports both their personal development and makes them more skilled to complete their role – win win!!

While considering new and innovative ways to support their workforces,  employers are always encouraged to reward strong performance, encourage employees to take holiday and offer support on a day to day basis to encourage staff retention and business growth.

If you have a happy thriving business looking to grow,  don’t hesitate to contact us at Journey Recruitment! Equally, if you need help finding your dream role with some good benefits, please do check out our jobs page here.