Journey Recruitment Shortlisted For The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Excellence In Customer Service Award

We have some very exciting news! Journey Recruitment has been shortlisted for the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce “Excellence In Customer Service” award.

The team have been working very hard and providing excellent customer service to our candidates and clients in order to be shortlisted for this award. We are honoured to be chosen as one of the top 3 businesses in the Thames Valley area as an organisation that has a large focus on customer care and service. As a woman owned business and a team of strong, supportive women we are really proud of this achievement. It really is a testament to how far our Director Carole has brought Journey Recruitment since opening in 2014 and the fantastic ethos of great customer service that we have grown a great reputation for.

The awards will take place on the evening of Thursday 29th June and the whole team at Journey Recruitment will be in attendance. We will all be wearing our gowns so be prepared for some great team photos!

The panel of judges at the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce will be looking for evidence of our great customer service strategy, proof of our business performance and evidence of  how we incorporate customer service into our staff development plans. We really hope for a great outcome, but being shortlisted alone has been a fantastic honour.

The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce is a fantastic organisation that is one of 53 fully accredited chambers in the UK and is the 5th largest in the country. They have over 4,000 members and support these members through events and commerce support.

Thank you to all our fantastic clients, candidates and the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce for making this possible. To learn more about what the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce do, please do follow this link.