5 Signs you need a new job

5 signs you need a new job ASAP



The last year has certainly brought some big changes in people’s careers and given us some challenges. Some people were furloughed, others made redundant and many have been adapting to working from home.  Perhaps you are now thinking about making some changes in your career too?  If you’re wondering if it’s time to move on from your current employer, here are 5 signs you need a new job.


You wake up dreading work everyday

Most people have a fleeting feeling of dreading work, especially on a Monday.  When this is a daily occurrence, it’s time to consider what’s making you so miserable.  Do you dread being around your colleagues or boss? Is the work dull or the office environment toxic?  Maybe it’s the amount of travel time you waste each day that is really getting to you?  Knowing exactly what the problem is will help you determine what solution is best going forward.

There’s no room to expand your responsibilities

You may have previously asked for more responsibility but there isn’t any more you can take on right now. Or you maybe it’s under consideration, but it has never been mentioned again.  As humans we naturally want to develop, learn and grow further.  If there is no opportunity to do so, or you aren’t being given it, this can be very dissatisfying.

You find yourself questioning company ethics

Other signs that you need a new job is if you are questioning or completely disagreeing with the company ethics.  Whether it’s diversity and discrimination issues or your health and safety whilst at work.  Perhaps its the data and social media policies that you are concerned about.  Either way it’s probably a sign that a new job that is more in line with your vision and values is required.  Other serious ethical concerns may include sexual harassment and nepotism.  Other ethical issues involve the businesses environmental policy or accounting practices.  If something doesn’t sit well with you and can’t be changed, it’s time to make a change yourself.  That starts with you finding a new place to work.

Your sleep and health patterns are being affected

Everyone knows a good night’s rest is needed in order to perform well at anything.  You won’t be able to do this if you’re lying awake each night worrying about your performance at work.  Same goes for your health, if your health is being affected by stress and worry from work, more sick days are going to be taken.  Which again perpetuates the cycle of insomnia and underperformance.  Surely it would be better to just find a new job?  One that excites you and where you can make a difference each day?

You’re less productive, lack motivation and are often bored at work

Of course there are boring phases in your job.  Some days there’s a serious lack in motivation to get the job done.  Ebbs and flows are to be expected in life, but when you are lacking motivation all the time, then it becomes a problem.  If you are constantly finding yourself bored at work and don’t feel any joy or enthusiasm then what’s the point of being there?  We spend a substantial amount of our lives, at work delivering services or selling products that make a difference to other people’s lives.  If you are not finding fulfillment in that then it really is one of the major signs that you need a new job.  Time to look for something that inspires you and drives you.


If you can relate to these signs that you need a new job and you are ready to start looking for a new role, congratulations.  Life is to short to spend your days unhappy at work.  Now is the time to start updating your CV and scanning the job sites.  Discover what types of roles will make you love your professional life again.  Get out there and actively start looking for that new job today.


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We wish you all the best in making this decision and in pursuing your next amazing role.