Tips on Finding a New Job

As a potential employee, you need to stand out to potential employers to pique their interest in your resume. Here are some tips to help you succeed in a competitive market and get you a new job. Please see below some tips on finding a new job:

Tips to Get a New Job

It is not enough to look for vacancies and email your resumes to find a job. You should make sure you are a fit for the position you are applying for, you should try to catch the hiring person’s attention and you should be well prepared for the interview. Here are some tips you can use to improve your chances of finding employment:

Have Career Goals.

Be sure of the career you want in life. Be sure when you are entering a new career or changing industries or are a fresher. Get valued recommendations from professors or former co-workers. Have a clear and realistic goal and then determine how to reach it while noting what qualifications you have for the career path you have decided to take. This method of planning shall help you with your job search and will advance you professionally.

Have a Plan.

Have a schedule to search for jobs. Determine the numbers of hours you shall dedicate to job-hunting every day. Update your resume and cover letter. If you need a second set of eyes, ask friends and family members to proofread your cover letter. Have a list of references ready to provide your potential employers. Create or update your profile on networking websites and maintain a log to keep track of jobs that you have applied for and interviews that you have provided. Check your emails every day. Being organised in your job search can make the process faster and easier.

Get your CV Proofread.

Have your resume and cover letter proofread by friends, family, co-workers, professional recruitment agencies for errors and for advice. You can employ a recruitment agency to help you write your resume and enhance your cover letter.

Use all your Resources.

Do not limit yourself to online searches but take advantage of all job search options. Reach out to companies via their websites, schedule meetings with hiring managers, attend career fairs, search for vacancies on social media and purchase career counselling services. You can use search engines to find vacancies on job portals and company websites. Email your contacts in the industry to find out if they know of any vacancies. Sign up for weekly job alerts wherever you can.

Resume Customization.

Change your resume a little before applying to every job. Study the job description and then add them to your skills, adapt your experiences to correlate with the position and write achievements that may impress the concerned potential employer. Your resume should be such that it can be read quickly and it should highlight the skills you have required for the position. You can have multiple templates of your resume and customize them accordingly. Keep the education and contact information the same for every interview but personalize job duties according to the job you apply for.

Research the Companies.

Research the companies before you attend interviews. This can provide you with information about their company culture, perks and salary range, products and services they offer and their work environment. Your research may bring you insight if their work environment is suitable for you or not. You can also use some of the information you learn through your research in your cover letter or during the interview.



“Tips on Finding a New Job”

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