HR Administrator Salary UK

HR Administrator Salary UK

In Human Resources HR administrator has responsibilities of both management and administrative functions. The HR administrator is an entry level job and reports to the HR manager, analyst, or director depending on the size and structure of the organization. The primary duty of the HR administrator is to maintain and update the database, records, contacts, documentation of the employees. Moreover, the HR administrator is the first point of contact for all queries related to HR and also deals with employees and external parties. The roles of HR administrator are following

  • Organizing and maintaining the record of the personnel
  • Updating the internal record of the HR
  • Creating guidelines and documents related to the policy of the company
  • Communication with external partners
  • Assist the department by providing various information of the employees i.e. holidays taken
  • Interact with the staff regarding HR-related problems
  • Assisting in different arrangements i.e. traveling and other expenses

The role of HR administrator is a very crucial and popular one and it provides a lot of opportunities throughout the UK.  As the job is very crucial so mostly it’s a full-time job but exceptions are still there in the UK.

Average HR administrator salary in United Kingdom

The average salary of an HR administrator in the United Kingdom is £23,838/yr. The sample of three different websites is shared below for references.

According to,  and HR Advisor average salary is £25,015/yr,  £23,500, and £23,000 respectively.


Variables that determine pay scale of HR advisor in United Kingdom

The pay that an organization offers an employee depends upon many variables, some of them are discussed below

  1. Job Experience: The pay that you get for an HR administrator role or any role depends upon your prior experience. If an individual is a fresh graduate then his pay scale would be less as compared to a person working for 2-5 years as an HR administrator.
  1. Job timings: If you are working full time the pay-scale would be more as compared to part-time (only if you get part-time job).
  1. Geographical location: The geographical location of your posting also affects the pay scale offered. Posting in metropolitan cities i.e. London will make you get more paid as compared to other cities.


Skills, Qualification and Career Development

If you are looking at being an HR advisor, the following are some helping points.

There are certain skills (mentioned below) that would help you become an effective HR administrator

  • Strong writing, in-person, and other communications skills
  • Excellent skills in organizing the tasks and prioritizing them
  • Good knowledge of labor and other related laws
  • Expert in MS Office and other relevant software
  • Must be approachable and helpful

Nevertheless, the following academic requirements will help you in becoming the professional HR administrator

  • BA/BS in Human resources
  • MA/MS in Human resources
  • Certification of MS office, public dealing, HR and other related fields

The HR administrator is generally the first ladder in Human Resources and is a very pivotal position for any organization. You can progress into HR Assistant after getting experience. You can also move a step ahead in your career by advancing into HR Officer and Senior HR Officer.


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“HR Administrator Salary UK”

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