HR Consultant Salary UK

HR consultant salary UK

The Human Resource department is responsible for overlooking the employees working for an organization and deals with the matter related to them. Among various roles and positions in HR department, the positions of the HR consultant are very crucial one. HR consultants must make sure that the human capital of the organization is working in the best interest of the organization.  The HR consultant advice the top management of a wide range of issues related to the staff of the organization. The roles of HR consultant are following

  • Advising management regarding human resources policies and their implementation
  • Preparation of reports related to specific HR projects and their maintenance
  • Development, updating and revision of different HR policies and procedures
  • Selection and installation of modern HR technologies
  • Assisting in process of recruitment, training, and promotion of the staff
  • Device strategic plans to drive change in management culture
  • Conducting audits of activities of HR to ensure transparency and compliance
  • Assisting in the development of general policies and their integration

Average Salary of HR Consultant in UK

Sample of the average salary of HR Consultant from 3 different websites are shared below

The average salary of an HR Consultant in the United Kingdom is £38114/yr. The sample of three different websites is shared below for references.

According to, and the HR Consultant average salary is £53,223/yr,  £49,972, and £42,500 respectively

Variables that determine pay scale of HR advisor in United Kingdom

The pay that an organization offers an employee depends upon many variables, some of them are discussed below

  • Job experience: A person with experience of 5 years or more for this post is very likely to get more paid as compared to a person with no prior experience.
  • Job timings: If you are working full time the pay scale will be higher as compared to part-time ( flexible hours advantage)
  • Geographical location: The pay scale is highly dependent on the geographical location in the UK. If you are working in a metropolitan city i.e. London.

Skills, Qualification and Career Development

If you are looking for a job as an HR consultant following skills will be helpful

  • Good knowledge of HR operations, procedures, and its best practices
  • Analytically problem-solving skills
  • Team leading and leadership skills
  • Ability to make strategies and formulation of business plans
  • Excellent skills of verbal communication and writing
  • Experience in HR related projects

Moreover, there are certain qualification requirements mentioned below that are helpful for a good HR consultant

  • BS/ BA in human resources, business management, or relevant field
  • MS/MA in human resources, business management, or relevant field
  • An authorized certification related to business, project management, or human resources
  • Prior experience of 5 years or more
  • Charted Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) offers a wide range of qualifications

The HR consultant is a crucial position in HR and it offers a wide range of opportunities throughout the UK. The HR consultant gains insight into many business areas and departments.  A person can progress to more senior consultant roles or onto HR Manager, HR Director or head of human resources roles.


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“HR Consultant Salary UK”

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