Inside Sales Salary UK

Inside Sales Salary UK

Inside sales person establish initial contact with potential clients by cold-calling various organizations. They also provide information to customers seeking information about products and complete the sale process. The duties performed by an inside sales representative are as follows;

  • Making outbound calls to potential customers.
  • Understanding customer needs and identifying sales opportunities.
  • Answering customer queries and solving them.
  • Keep up to date with the latest product and service information.
  • Maintaining a database of the current and potential customers.
  • Researching and be informed about competitors’ products and services.
  • Upselling products and services.
  • Closing sales and completing sales target.
  • Building strong relationships with current and potential clients.
  • Work closely with the marketing department.

Average inside sales salary in United Kingdom

The average salary of an inside sales representative in the United Kingdom is £27,899/yr. The average is calculated from the sample of five different hiring websites, including Glassdoor, Payscale, reed Indeed, and totaljobs. This average is based on a sample of 1,289 job posts on the mentioned websites.

The salary range of an inside sales representative varies from £18,000 to £40,000 in the United Kingdom. This range is due to many factors, variables, which are discussed next.

Variables that determine salary of inside sales in United Kingdom

  1. Geographical location: The pattern of salaries paid in the United Kingdom varies from location to location. The highest paying cities for an inside sales representative in the UK are Southwest London, Central London, Edinburgh, and Milton Keynes.
  2. Level of experience: The experience of an inside sales representative depends; the more experienced the individual is the more pay he/she would get.
  3. Other variables: Mostly the pay is dependent on performance and commission and these two can create pay differences among inside sales representatives.

Skills, Qualification and Career Development

There is a diverse range of industries and sectors which are looking for inside sales representatives. The top companies hiring for an inside sales representative are;

  • ASC American sun components
  • Pulse secure
  • Pareto
  • Melissa & Doug
  • EIMS

A minimum high school diploma/GED is an educational requirement for employers hiring an inside sales representative. It is a basic requirement of an inside sales representative position that they have in-depth knowledge of products and services being offered.

Some of the skills required for an inside sales representative are;

  • Solid technical background
  • Sales skills
  • Excellent communication and listening skills
  • Ability to achieve targets
  • Exceptional phone and cold calling skills
  • Sound judgment and good business sense
  • Organizational skills
  • Teamwork ability
  • Analytical and problem-solving ability
  • Resilience and Tenacity
  • Independence and self-reliance

An inside sales representative with exceptional sales skills has a bright future in this role, he/she can progress to the position of sales VP.

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“Inside Sales Salary UK”

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