Sales Engineer Salary UK

Sales Engineer Salary UK If you are an engineering or science student, but are interested and have the capability of working in the sales profession, then your future career can be as a sales engineer. A sales engineer uses his/her … Continued

HR Officer Salary UK

HR Officer Salary UK The Human resource officer is one of the most important individuals in the HR department. HR officers develop policies and manage procedures to recruit, support, and develop talent. HR officer plays a key role in any … Continued

Email Marketing Manager Salary UK

Email Marketing Manager Salary UK Email marketing manager plans develops, implements and maintains an organization’s email marketing strategy. The email marketing manager role has become crucial for many business successes in this digital marketing era. The duties of an email … Continued

Director of sales salary UK

Director of sales salary UK Director of Sales manages all the sales activities and sales manager of the company. The director of sales identifies key markets, remain a step ahead of emerging trends, and collaborate with teams. The roles and … Continued

Credit Controller Salary UK

Credit controllers Salary UK A credit controller specializes in commercial collections from creditors and debtors. Credit controllers work for an organization in their finance department and recover late payments from debtors. They communicate by phone, letter, or email using the … Continued

HR Coordinator

HR Coordinator Salary UK HR coordinator is a very important role in human resources and you have to perform a wide range of activities. The HR coordinator has the duty of assisting HR Managers with recruitment, maintaining employees’ records, assisting … Continued

Accountants Salary UK

Accountant Salary UK An accountant prepares and examines financial statements, company records, and other financial data, ensure that financial records are accurate and that taxes are paid. They keep in check that the financial regulations and standards are being followed. … Continued

Head of Finance Salary UK

Head of Finance Salary UK Head of finance supervise financial activities of an organization, they forecast financial results, manage a budget, and oversee any risk, and create risk mitigation strategies. The Head of finance is responsible for accurate reporting of … Continued

Accounts Administrator Salary UK

Accounts administrators are responsible for all accounting work related to taxes, including bookkeeping and invoicing. Accounts administrators coordinate with the management and give recommendations for the improvement of quality of accounting, and also provide operational support. The roles and responsibilities … Continued

Financial Planner Salary UK

Financial Planner Salary UK The role of a financial planner is to provide advice to clients about managing their money, modes of investments, and savings. Financial planners possess great people skills and have in-depth knowledge about multiple products and clients’ … Continued