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Average Corporate Attorney salary in United Kingdom

The average salary of Corporate Attorney in United Kingdom is £62,930/yr. The average is calculated from the sample of five different hiring websites, including Glassdoor, Payscale, Reed, Indeed, and checkasalary. This average is based on a sample of 470 jobs posting on the mentioned websites. This article outlines the average salary of corporate attorney salary UK.

The salary range of a corporate attorney varies from £33,000 to £210,000 in United Kingdom. This range is due to many factors, variables, which are discussed next.

Corporate attorney deals with legal complications for corporate entities. Corporate attorney deals with corporate law branch of legal department. The corporate attorney area of work is the most exciting and dynamic among other legal practices. It is one of most popular field amount aspiring solicitors. A corporate attorney works for shaping business framework keeping in view the legality. The roles that a corporate attorney performs are:

  • Advising clients of their rights, responsibilities and duties under the law.
  • Review, drafting and negotiating contracts.
  • Overseeing deals of mergers and acquisitions and any new venture deals.
  • Helping clients to create good corporate governance environment.

Corporate attorney can be hired in large to mid-size corporations that have a legal department.

Variables that determine salary

Job experience and age: The age of a solicitor and his/her experience plays an important factor in determining the salary of corporate attorney in United Kingdom. A corporate attorney at different levels can earn the following salary

Experience LevelTenureSalary (in £)
Entry levelLess than 1 year30,000
Early Career1-4 years50,000
Mid- Career5-9 years70,000
Experienced10-19 years90,000
Late – Career20 years and above75,000+


Geographical Location:

The pattern of salaries paid in United Kingdom varies from location to location. The top three highest paying cities of UK are, London, Cambridge, and Birmingham.

Skills, Qualification and Career Development

If you are aspiring to be a Corporate Attorney, here are some tips:

The top three companies hiring for corporate attorney in United Kingdom are

  • EY
  • Goldman Sachs

There are certain skills (mentioned below) that would help you in gaining career progress as a Corporate Attorney.

  • Excellent knowledge of corporate law
  • Excellent writing, communication and negotiation skills
  • Awareness of recent trends and legislative developments.
  • Ability to create vast client circle and to maintain cordial relations with clients.
  • Ambition and willingness to go above and beyond.

There are many pathways which one can follow to become a corporate attorney.

  • Getting an undergraduate degree in law or a degree in any subject (followed by conversion course. Then you must do a LPC and get hold of a training contract)
  • If an aspirant is more interested in career progression as an attorney then he/she must attain BPTC and then complete training with a pupillage.
  • If anyone is not interested in going to university, then they can complete their apprenticeship and then do a specialisation in corporate law.

The most popular career path for a corporate attorney is as follows

We hope that the information provided above would help you in making an informed decision about your career.



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“Corporate Attorney Salary UK”

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