Employment Lawyer Salary UK

Employment Lawyer salary UK

Employment law is: “a set of laws that deal with the rights of employees and the responsibilities of employers” – Cambridge Dictionary

From the above definition it becomes clear that an employment lawyer is a person who overlooks the rights of employees and the responsibilities of employers under the light of law. An Employment lawyer plays a vital part in the developing of relationships between the employee and employer. The employee-employer relationship is significant for the development and success of any business. This is why we have decided to write an article on the average employment lawyer salary in the UK. The duties that an employment lawyer performs are:

  1. Negotiating between employer and employees during a dispute.
  2. Writing terms and conditions of hiring contract.
  3. Resolving employment termination issues.
  4. Give advice related to claims against the organization.
  5. Keep update on recent laws and suggesting amendments in HR policies accordingly.

An employment lawyer works according to the employment rights act 1996 which governs the employment law field.

Average Employment Lawyer salary in United Kingdom

The average salary of employment lawyer in United Kingdom is £56,098/yr. The average is calculated from the sample of three different hiring websites, including Glassdoor, Reed, and totaljobs. This average is based on a sample of 455 jobs posting on the mentioned websites.

Variables that determine salary of Corporate Attorney in United Kingdom

The pay range is not wide for an employment lawyer; it ranges from £42,000 to £58,000 approximately. Thus there are no significant variables that affect the pay of an employment lawyer. The little gap that is visible can be due to level of experience in the industry.

However, if an employment lawyer is self-employed he/she can earn more than a hired one. It is suggested that the individual should take into consideration the working hours and associated costs if opting for self-employment.

Skills, Qualification and Career Development

If you are dreaming of becoming an employment lawyer, the following are some helpful points.

There are many firms specialising in employment law and can become potential employers of an employment lawyer. These include Fladgate, Forsters, Gateley, Gibson Dunn, Hogan Lovells, Macfarlanes, and PDT solicitors.

In order to become an established employment lawyer the following skills are required by an individual:

  • Excellent commercial awareness
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Creative problem solving
  • Excellent grievance handling and negotiation skills

In order to become an employment lawyer, you should attain a regular LLB degree or degree in any subject with a conversion course. Then you should complete a LPC (legal practice course) or BPTC (Bar professional training course). After this the aspirant can join any employment law firm and gain experience.

An employment lawyer roles and career has become significant during COVID-19. During the time period of Coronavirus it has become difficult for businesses to continue regular operations. Thus COVID-19 has made it necessary for the organization to make amendments in their work policies, working hours, and procedures. An organization would require the help of an employment lawyer to make necessary amendments in the terms and conditions.

We hope that the information provided above would help you in making informed decision in your career.

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“Employment Lawyer Salary UK”

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