Resourcing Business Partner Pay Scale 2021 in the United Kingdom

Resourcing Business Partner Pay Scale 2021 in the United Kingdom

The human resource department is responsible for managing the human component of organizations. The human resource department has various key positions, among which the Resourcing business partner is a crucial one. Resourcing business partner plays a significant role as an internal consultant in the HR department. Resourcing Business partner is responsible for managing the end-to-end recruitment process and provides the best suited human resource to the organization. He/she leads and oversees all resourcing for a particular division of an organization. In simple words resourcing business partner provides talent specialist services for an organization.
Following roles are played by resourcing business partner;

  • Assessing the need for recruitment in the organization.
  • Formulating job descriptions for various posts.
  • Creating a talent pool for any particular role.
  • Enhancing the efficiency of the organization by providing individuals suitable for the job.
  • Leading and managing the resourcing team.
  • Forecasting, planning, and managing the resourcing needs of the organization.
  • Planning and formulating the most suitable talent hunting strategies.
  • Leading and coordinating the internal talent identification process to fulfill the organization’s resourcing needs.

Average salary of Resourcing Business Partner in United Kingdom:

In the United Kingdom, the average salary of a Resourcing business partner is £37,549/year. Following are the references of three different websites in this regard.
According to, salary is £40,147/year, puts it at £38,000/year, while according to, and salary is £34,500/year.
From the above information, it could be inferred that average salary is an estimated forecast of one’s earning, but the actual salary depends on different variables.

Variables that determine pay scale of resourcing business partner in United Kingdom:

Salary of resourcing business partner depends on following variables:

  1. Job Experience:
    Prior job experience is one of the major factors which determine the salary of an individual in any organization. The pay that you get for an HR advisor role or any role depends upon your prior experience. An experienced person will get more salary than the one who has taken a fresh start.
  2. Job timings:
    Job timings also determine the salary of an individual. A person working on a full-time basis will get more salary than the one who is working on a part-time basis.
  3. Geographical Location:

Workplaces at certain remote geographical locations offer more salaries to employees because of the challenging nature of the job; while certain workplaces in which employees have to do routine tasks offer fewer salaries.

Skills, Qualification and Career Development:

There are certain skills, which are considered pre-requisites for becoming an effective Resourcing business partner. Following are those skills:

  • Full understanding of the recruitment cycle.
  • Authentic prior work experience as resourcing business partner, or other similar roles, such as Recruitment manager, or recruitment business partner.
  • Thorough understanding of Applicant tracking systems and resume databases.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Complete knowledge of labour legislation.
  • Experience in interacting with job aspirants on online platforms such as LinkedIn.

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) recognized degree will give an added advantage to the candidate.

An enthusiastic individual has brighter career progression prospects and may become HR consultant, Head of HR, HR Director, Head of people and culture.

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