Business Analyst Salary UK

Business Analyst Salary UK

A business analyst works within an organization on evaluating, analysing data and providing solutions. They also work with a variety of people and have excellent knowledge of information technology. Communication is critical for a business analyst; you would have to communicate with internal departments and external parties. A business analyst would have to perform the following functions:

  • Communicate with internal departments and external parties.
  • Identify problem areas and provide solutions in processes and procedures.
  • Formulate cost analysis and communicate benefits among departments.
  • Estimate the risks and suggesting risk mitigation strategies.
  • Formulate written report and present to stakeholders.

A business analyst ensures that his/her recommendations are implemented, and desired impacts could be observed and then report the changes made to the management.

Average Business Analyst salary in the United Kingdom

The average salary of a business analyst in the United Kingdom is £47,633/yr. The average is calculated from the sample of four different hiring websites, including GlassdoorReedIndeed, and CWjobs. This average is based on a sample of 5,331 jobs posting on the mentioned websites.

The salary range of a business analyst varies from £30,000 to £80,000 in the United Kingdom. This range is due to many factors, variables, which are discussed next.

Variables that determine the salary of Business Analyst in the United Kingdom 

  1. Geographical location: The pattern of salaries paid in the United Kingdom varies from location to location. The top three highest paying cities for a UK business analyst are London, Glasgow, and Central London.
  2. Working Hours: A business analyst can get a permanent as well as contractual job. The more hours or freelancing appointments that a business analyst does on the contract, the more he can earn in a year.
  3. Level of experience: The experience of a business analyst depends; the more experienced the individual is the more pay he/she would get.
  4. Skillset: The type of programming languages a person knows to the certification/courses he/she has done defines the skill set. The skillset determines the salary of an individual.

Skills, Qualification and Career Development

If you are dreaming of becoming a business analyst, the following information would be useful for you.

There are various big organizations, both private and public sector who employee business analyst. You can work as a business analyst in any industry of your choice. Business analyst job is a full-time job, but you can also be hired on contract bases. Companies publish business analyst vacancies on their websites. So keeping a regular update of different organization website is crucial.

The following skills are required from a business analyst

  • Excellent communication skills and ability to interact with people.
  • Excellent analytical skills.
  • Capacity to lead and motivate people.
  • A strong interest in business and business development.
  • Good understanding of information technology.
  • Creative problem solving and approach to create change.

The competition for a business analyst position is challenging and requires a person to get a degree in the field. The relevant subjects are business information systems or business computing systems. If an individual degree is not related to IT, then he/she can do a relevant postgraduate qualification.

A business analyst career can progress into an executive-level position. But to reach such a height of career progression, a business analyst should widen his/her scope at the start of his/her career.

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“Business Analyst Salary UK”

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